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Free Statistics EuroMillions and Lotto
... all detailed information about our Free Stats
Free Statistics Euro Millions and Loto
For those who do not have time for analysis, we offer Grids ready, developed by the interweaving of these free and statistics Euro Millions and Loto application of unpublished criteria of our method.

Statistics EuroMillions and Lotto ...why make ?

Free Statistics EuroMillions and LottoOur Free Statistics are designed:
• In decision support for choosing the numbers to play
• In addition to Pronofaste® Grids ready
• Basic thinking for the EuroMillions and Lotto become even more fun.


Free statistics, one finds there...

Free Statistics EuroMillions and Lotto• Information on the numbers of outputs (all draws)
• Partial their outputs (last 75 draws)
• Their Advance / Delay in %
• Index Calculation PronoFaste® (ICP)
• Indications on the numbers of differences
• Same study for numbers Star and Chance

Free statistics and updating...

Free Statistics EuroMillions and LottoWe posted our Gain-Fast program, with the demand of our customers is a priority implementation. Free The statistics are made available online the day after each draw to 12H for the EuroMillions and Lotto, every Wednesday and Sunday at 12H. Thank you for your understanding



Our Statistics Euro Millions and Loto


Our free statistics
for further, more detailed
Free Statistics EuroMillions and Lotto

Our Free Statistics... how to access ?

Nothing is easier to access. Register at PronoFaste® (if you're not a member) and log on the website. You can then choose in the menu of the Games, the statistics of the concerned game



Our Free Statistics ... how does it work ?

Statistics, close to probability theory, is a science attached to mathematics.

It is found in various areas, particularly where information is difficult to interpret by a simple reading, as in our case for games of chance, such as Lotto and EuroMillions. So we will first extract information and explore data to get an idea of ​​their qualitative properties.

In the statistics of games Lotto and Euromillions, it is usually in the presence of a large number of values ​​(hundreds or thousands of digits), difficult to handle and draw conclusions. It will be necessary therefore reduce these values ​​to analyze the data and bring out their properties, applying rigorous mathematical calculations.

Statistics for EuroMillions and Lotto quantify the probability that variable check a particular property (and therefore a possible exit of a number).

In mathematics statistics EuroMillions and Lotto we will study various properties of these games, and focus on the study of random phenomena numbers from the available data without any a priori on the mechanisms that come into play.