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Our Free Statistics ... how does it work ?

Statistics, close to probability theory, is a science attached to mathematics.

It is found in various areas, particularly where information is difficult to interpret by a simple reading, as in our case for games of chance, such as Lotto and EuroMillions. So we will first extract information and explore data to get an idea of ​​their qualitative properties.

In the statistics of games Lotto and Euromillions, it is usually in the presence of a large number of values ​​(hundreds or thousands of digits), difficult to handle and draw conclusions. It will be necessary therefore reduce these values ​​to analyze the data and bring out their properties, applying rigorous mathematical calculations.

Statistics for EuroMillions and Lotto quantify the probability that variable check a particular property (and therefore a possible exit of a number).

In mathematics statistics EuroMillions and Lotto we will study various properties of these games, and focus on the study of random phenomena numbers from the available data without any a priori on the mechanisms that come into play.