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in other words ... who is accessing what?


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Our Grids EuroMillions & Lotto

Functioning more in detail for our combinations ready to validate ...


  • ... what is it ?
    They are combinations LOTO  and EUROMILLIONS  ready, developed with our method
  • ...how are they designed?
    To get to the point:
    We propose you a reduced reserve of neighborhood 2 million quite ready Railings(Bars) for the Bingo and about 3 million quite ready Railings(Bars) for Euromillions.
    ˜ 190 000 Grids for Lotto
    To constitute this total volume of Grids, several rotations of the same combinations are realized inside our reduced reserve, proportionally, to satisfy the potential demand of 20 million players in France ( FDJ) and 60 million players in Europe.
    So the Jackpot in the 1st row, among others, could be distributed several times, for the same drawing.
    Our Grids are then mixed well to be to distribute.
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  • ...how can we get them?
    You can access the Grids Lotto and Euromillions if you have:
    - Pack Credits
    - Pack Subscriptions  
    Show Prices >>
  • ...how are they distributed?
    - The PronoFaste® Grids are available to you the day after each draw for the Lotto, and EuroMillions, every Wednesday and Sunday at 12H
    - Between runs, the study of new grids or Euromillions Lottery for the next draw, require the temporary closure of this service for each game concerned. Thank you for your understanding

    When the reserve is depleted PronoFaste® Grids, all access to this distribution are impossible..




pronostic des grilles euromillions et loto

We suggest that you request only the number of grids that you will be able to validate

(It could be particularly painful you have received the winner of Jackpot Grid, without having validated).


The display of Grids Euromillions or Lotto

For all users, display our Grills for Euromillions and Lotto games and is given only once for each access, we recommend you, write them down or make a screen capture.

Printing Grids Euromillions or Lotto

When the print option of Grills Euromillions or Lottery you are accessible, it is your responsibility to the risk of loss of data in case of incorrect printing (the good impression remains to be verified).