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All our Grids are not winning. With our system, you can have as well several winning Grids by taking 3 of our Grids, that to have none on many more Grids than you could not take it.

Thus the chance remains the inescapable determining parameter.

Having said that, Our Grids PronoFaste ® eliminates 18 million combinations in the Lottery, and 136 million combinations in Euromillions, while finding there very often first prize!

Results been attested by Bailiff.

Euro Millions

L'EuroMillions, c'est un jeu de répartition qui désigne par tirage au sort, 5 Bons N° parmi 50, plus 2 N° Étoiles de 1 à 11.

Dedicated grids

Availability grids

since Wednesday 01:00 to Friday 21:00
since Saturday 03:00 to Tuesday 21:00


The Tuesday at 20:00
The Friday at 20:00



Latest draw

Jackpot : 91 000 000 € Draw on Tuesday, 18 December 2018
Our PronoFaste® grids contained
No prize in the first 3 ranks
Combination Prize Gains Étoile+
5 bons numéros + ★ ★Pas de gagnant/
5 bons numéros + 333 781,20 €/
5 bons numéros46 644,80 €/
4 bons numéros + ★ ★2 074,10 €4 654,90 €
4 bons numéros + 172,10 €203,70 €
3 bons numéros + ★ ★82,20 €93,50 €
4 bons numéros59,60 €/
2 bons numéros + ★ ★13,60 €16,00 €
3 bons numéros + 13,90 €16,50 €
3 bons numéros12,80 €/
1 bon numéro + ★ ★7,10 €8,80 €
2 bonnes étoiles/6,50 €
2 bons numéros + 7,40 €9,10 €
2 bons numéros4,60 €/
1 bonne étoile/2,20 €

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The Euro Millions game: what is it ?
... or, here are the rules


Pronostics Euro Millions le jeu complet

Euro Millions - about...

First of all

L'Euro Millions is a division game, which designates the draw, 5 digits from 50 digits plus 2 Stars among other possible 11.

Eleven European countries participate in the Euro Millions: France, Royaume Uni, Espagne, Autriche, Portugal, Irlande, Suisse, Belgique, Luxembourg, Monaco, Andorre. It is a game with a minimum jackpot of 15 million €, increased each Euro Millions draw until it is won.

Euro Millions et Loto Predictions with gain

Euro Millions and its draws

On the other hand

It is a game with multiple runs. The Euro Millions is carried out in France two times a week: Tuesday and Friday evening at 21H.

Little reminder, our updates for the game of the Euro Millions (Grids PronoFaste ®, forecasts Euro Millions, Euro Millions statistics) are set up on the site every Wednesday and Sunday at 12H.

Win money with Euro Millions predictions

Euro Millions - how to play


For a Simple Game, choose 5 numbers in the grid of numbers (6 grids per newsletter), and 2 star numbers.

For Multiple Game: You can select up to 9 numbers and 1 to 11 Numbers Chance. On the back of each ballot, all the details are specified.




Euro Millions jackpot winner

Euro Millions and its gains

In other words

This is a game where earnings distribution are divided into 13 ranks. With 2 matching numbers you are a winner (around 4€)

You have 60 days to collect your earnings after the last draw of the Euro Millions and your gambling winnings is exempt from tax on income



Win to Euro Millions with Pronofaste

Euro Millions and Our Tools


Grids PronoFaste ® (grids ready for Euro Millions) Our Predictions Euro Millions (assistance to create your own Euro Millions grids), free statistics for Euro Millions

Economic Reducer System (play more than 9 numbers in Euro Millions without playing a multiple form) or Complete System (play all your numbers, while minimizing the number of combinations).






Gain-Fast for Euro Millions and Loto in gold

Euro Millions with Gain-Fast

By subscribing to Gain-Fast you can monetize your subscription waiting to hit the jackpot, and have recurring revenue :

27 € + 81 € + 972 € = 1.080€ each month.


Interested by Gain-Fast? For more details:
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Our Tips for Euro Millions

Before You Engage
  • Already Euro Millions player : Take Our Grids Pronofaste® rather than play at random, without playing more.
  • You are casual player: Take one Pronofaste® Grid as regularly as possible. Luck knocks on all doors.