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Several times the rules of games like Lotto and Euromillions have changed, but our studies regarding predictions and have adapted our results and Euromillions Lotto Winners are always at the rendezvous. The number of outstanding results Lotto and EuroMillions also increases with the number of earned Jackpots





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Purchase on the Internet, often brings a doubt :


Here are some elements which can reassure you as for the quality of our Grids and our Predictions and seriously of our performances.



1. You have a small information which presents the author of the site Cyril-Charles CHASAL (this above)    
2. Cyril-Charles CHASAL won himself and presents the proof of his Earnings to the Bingo (this above)    
3. You can write him :    Cyril-Charles CHASAL, BP 90143, 33212 Langon Cedex.    
4. We answer all the e-mails: if you have other questions concerning our Grids PronoFaste® or our Predictions Euromillions and Lotto, You can Contact us    
5. An Extended Guarantee, if you get no lot with our Grids Euromillions or Lotto, that you will find here  Grids Guarantee    
6. All our Predictions Lotto and EuroMillions, and the combinations ready to validate (Grids), are deposited with a bailiff. You can check writing (address above). A confirmation will be sent to any request with a stamped envelope with your name and address.    
7. Here are 7 more reasons to take our Lotto or EuroMillions Grids this page Grids Lotto & EuroMillions    

ALL OUR RAILINGS ARE NOT WINNING: It is possible that you do not succeed the first time (of course, and all Euromillions Lottery winners are not grids). But it is also possible that you have immediately a success.

Life often gives us chance opportunities, here is one for you can be.

It is presented here with indisputable evidence, enter it!