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Wednesday, August 5th was a celebration, I took 5 instead of 3 grids and usually bingo! € 1,320! I had a 4 correct numbers grids, but I would gain even more :) Thanks to all the team and Good luck to all

Hamed. S (Marseille)

Hello everyone, and this is my first win in Lotto € 912 May 23, 2015, so thank you very much for the grid, I would have liked more, but not bad either, at least it's serious with you . Again thank you and good luck

Alain. C (Nantes)

Hello, I wanted to thank you because in my choice of grids 01.21.2015 Wednesday Lotto I won € 1,652.50, evidence of my loyalty. Best regards,

Jean Pierre (Jura)

Thank you for the grid to 4 correct numbers from 02/05/2014 to Loto.J'ai won with 1420 € and it's a great pleasure;) I hope as everyone win a jackpot, but in the meantime I will celebrate this one !!! once again thank you

Jeroyal (N.C)

Bravo and thank you for the grid to 4 correct numbers in Lotto 11/13/2013 you gave me and that made me win  1,776 €. I hope to have another in the launched;) In any case, thank you again and good luck to your site!

Gamesy (Paris)

Thank you for your pronofaste grids with which I won several small gains, but this time it is not the same - 1 943.60 € for the lotto 27/08/12. This gain pay me the super computer I wanted ... my friends will salivate. I do not know how you do it but I hope it will last and why not the jackpot!

Roger C (Bayonne)

I want to thank you because thanks to your website I have to pocket the lottery of 592.50 euros 27/06/2012. It's amazing because it was my last access code and I still had not won anything. I will continue to play with your method. This is an unexpected amount that saves my life because I am a scholarship student and month end are difficult. Always believe because it hits us without warning guard. Good luck for your site.

Stéphane V (N.C)

Happy New Year to all, after winning 891 Euros in September 2011, you still have just made me earn 1052.72 euros Saturday, 01/14/2012, luck does not belong only to others, thank you again.

Jean Pierre (Jura)

I come with that letter thank you for your grills Pronofaste my first subscription, your grids is very encouraging, there were in all like winning the lotto between € 92 and lotto. You are a genius to these grids, I hope over time I could win a jackpot with you. I thank you very much; Bravo ! It's a good start.

Marie-Madeleine (Alençon)

Hello, I wanted to thank you because since I opted for pronofaste grids in July, this morning I had a message from the French games, telling me that I had to win 891 euros to Monday lotto 26/09/2011. Thank you again.

Jean Pierre (Jura)

Paris on 14/09/2011. Hello to all the team. I take the Euromillions Lottery and gates since August 28, 2011. I have already won 4 times (2 numbers) taking 2 or 3 grids each time. Although this is not yet the jackpot, I did not win as often when I played without you. In addition, you are very nice and very responsive .... In short as serious, happiness and a 100% chance of winning the jackpot. With you dream can become reality. Bravo and thank you.

Christian (Paris)

Bravo, I had that day No. 4 No Chance Lotto (€ 1 008.30). I hope we will reach the jackpot, because I love realized the dream of creating the foundation helping animals, giving humans the necessary to improve their lives and therefore in return they participate in the Animal backup.


Hello, These are tears of joy that flowed in my house this morning to the sight of LOTO numbers yesterday: "4 correct numbers" !! 1172.80 euros at the 100th grid I have taken since I signed you. I extend a big thank you to all your team. I hope to continue to raise their heads with dignity, thanks to you. Admittedly, the road will be long, but I have confidence in you. Thank you. Truly.

V.D (N.C)

Thank you for giving me the correct Lotto numbers was January 17 and in addition it was the first time I played with you. So I had 4 numbers (€ 1,740). I was very happy and I say for the first time it's beautiful !!! I thank you again, hoping that it continuously.

Jean-Claude T (Orléans)

I had 3 times 3 numbers Lotto around € 45 ... well this is far thousand euros but I still hope ... I must say we win more often than not with you, even if they are small gains. Thank you for sharing with us your system.

avivi (Toulouse)

So far I earn not much small batches, but on Wednesday I had four correct numbers for the Lotto € 2,830, I could not believe it! I expected great jackpot ...

jamal (Paris)

I am one of those who never wins, but last night watching TV I shouted with joy as if I had won the jackpot. I had four correct numbers in one of my screens ... 4 issues !!! and 2058 euros anyway !!! Finally I too can say I won the lottery, thanks to you! I embrace you stronger and give me more often grids like that !!!

lolie (Nantes)

I come near to you to thank you, you give me a Euromillions numbers 4, this is the first time I win I thank you warmly and says hats off! congratulations!

Jacky421 (N.C)

Looks like I'm a subscriber numbers 2 and 3 ...;) That said, it is well to have results and regularly! Bravo!!!

clilit (Bordeaux)

Bravo ! I do not believe too much in everything ... Your success prognoses were watching these games in one eye differs and it paid me ... 4bons numbers Euro Millions: € 92.30. Thank you

Véro (Pessac)

This is just to thank you for your services (I had 3times the 3bons numbers and 2 stars). I'm really telling to have discovered your site. Good continuation.

gorymas (Langon)

Absolutely brilliant! There are no words ... I won 1 € 101.20! You had to see the head of the tobacconist! a standard ! BRAVO !!!!!

Camille M. (Bordeaux)

I wanted to say that I tried your grids, very skeptical at first, now I'm a convert. I earned € 85.80 and many times small sums. With you at least I really hope ... Thanks

Creg (Bègles)

Great ! I won € 550.30 and I needed good. I will not believe !!!

José D. (Langon)

Hello, I wanted to write more, but I expected to win a bigger prize. Meanwhile, I visited with account small amounts (between 20 and 40 €), I gained just over € 300 for 3 months I am grids you. For me it counts. I wanted my turn to say BRAVO !!!

lylya55 (Bordeaux)

Bravo ! I really begin to hope. I validated 7 grids to test. I won everything: € 119.20

Danielle C. (Paris)

Thank you, I have received your email, it's great! I had forgotten all that and this is the first time I win

Hubert T. (Bordeaux)

Hello, I played the game to test the site and with 2 gates I won € 24.30. Congratulations to you!

Paula C. (Bondy)