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grilles euromillions et loto faq


Your Questions ... and Our Responses
EuroMillions and Lotto Grids

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you find the most frequently asked questions on our website, on our grids PronoFaste® ready for EuroMillions and Lotto Bets or for those games. Click on each question to bring up the response provided. You can contact us at any time if you have other questions.

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  • What is the difference between PronoFaste® Grids and Predictions PronoFaste®?

    The PronoFaste® Grids are ready grilles and Euromillions lottery. They are the fruit of our expertise and are distributed on the site from 1 to 5 grids one fois..Les Predictions PronoFaste® have forecasted numbers for Lotto and Euromillions in the form of tables helps you build your own Grids from a work provides
  • Do I expect to win with your grids, playing only two Grids by drawing

    Yes, we believe that you can win with a single grid when luck happening to you. Some customers who regularly take two or three Grids, won 4 correct numbers the lottery twice. With our system, you can as well have several winning Grids taking 3 of our grids that have none on many more grids that you might take. The chance remains the essential determining factor. So important is to "draw" inside our small reserve, which Jackpots are very often there, hoping to win one without utopia
  • I would have a chance to estimate that I have of winning a prize by taking 5 Grids on your site

    The possibilities of winning a prize depend on our site so many settings, it would be neither serious nor reliable to announce an estimate chance / probability: Under the jackpots are or not it (it can condition the amount of other lots), according to the type of large batches, as they found there once or several times, depending on the mix of grids etc ... In any case, the fact of announcing an encryption "luck / hope "would even be misleading because all probability calculation remains theoretical since lots, unknown before the draw, can not be attributed distribution régulière.Pour all these reasons, we do not allow us to give this type of information.
  • The winning grids when can we find: the day after the last draw or a few hours before the draw

    For shooting Grids PronoFaste® there is no better rule to another: they are well mixed and we put them online as we receive them. There is no possible win for locating, on how to take the grids. This is all the more understandable that the opposite would imply that: Either the winning combination will be known before bottling; Is the winning combination would be regularly in the same locations in the selection. In both cases we would be the first winners and unfortunately this is not the case. The main objective of PronoFaste® is to win the Jackpot, its users, and that is what we wish you very strongly. Luck knocks on all the doors and is to be present in its path.
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Our expertise is based on a unique scientific proposal and say, in accordance with the unanimous scientists as "balls" have no memory... A number can go out three times following, and stay two years without going out, in any event...C.C. CHASAL


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