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Our Predictions for Euromillions and Lotto !
... or answer any questions concerning the study of predictions
pronostics des jeux comme euromillions et lotopronostics euromillion pour numéros étoiles
Study of Predictions for Chance Numbers or Stars, should be recorded or copied and Predictions Lotto or Euromillions (PDF format) can be saved by the "disk" symbol.
The Predictions are updated to 12H the day after each draw for the Lotto and Euromillions Predictions for every Wednesday and Sunday at the same time.


Predictions of Game

Here is how our present and Predictions Lotto Euromillions which are divided into two parts :

1.  Predictions of Numbers (PDF format)
2.  Predictions of Numbers Chance or Stars

Predictions of Numbers

Compennent the following studies (PDF) :
• Predictions by numbers Spreads
• Predictions by series Tens
• Predictions by series Finals
• Predictions by series of Sevens.

See examples

Predictions of Chance/Stars

Predictions of the Numbers Stars or Chance are also divided into two parts :
a. Predictions of the Favorites Numbers
b. Predictions of the Outsiders Numbers

See examples

Our EuroMillions and Lotto predictions

WARNING: No mathematical formula can predict one combination, the upcoming release of the draw. Below description of our predictions in detail.

The Predictions

EuroMillions numbers favoritesYou will find in the Predictions Favorites most likely out numbers. The Grids PronoFaste® (combinations ready to validate), contain some.

The Predictions

EuroMillions predictions numbers starsOutsiders predictions you will find the numbers that fall in the wake of favorites.

The Predictions
of Numbers

EuroMillions predictions digits starsYou will find the study of predictions of 50 or 49 numbers (PDF) that will help you in choosing to do to compose your own grids.



PLEASE NOTE: Our Picks for Luck Star or numbers are predicted and proposed sorted from strongest to weakest. By presenting them all, we do not allow us to get away from your choice, which might be the right.


Our Predictions...You will also find

The to do it ?

loto and euromillions free statisticsYou will find on the EuroMillions or Lotto predictions page 
- Our Tips Base  and
- Using Advice Predictions 
who will guide you through the choices to make.



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loto and euromillions free statistics

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Our Predictions for EuroMillions et Lotto games


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